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No time for shopping trips?

You’re dashing from store to store on a fruitless hunt for a must-have item. Your children’s nap-times are approaching, and everyone knows it. Traffic is snarly, your head aches, and you wonder why it’s so hard to find essentials for your growing family. Sound familiar? But this does not have to be your story.

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Skip the traffic and checkout lines. Swing a jump-rope or build a snowman with your children instead.

Browse or shop when you have time. Shop while the children nap, and you'll have time to nap, too.

Discover hard-to-find quality products. Traditional clothing items, old-fashioned laundry aids, organic skin creams.

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Why GVS?

Shopping turns complicated when you’re a stay-at-home mom. Finding the time slot in your day that matches your little ones’ schedules can be daunting. And it’s not always easy to find quality products that align with conservative values. We sympathize! At GVS, we’ve been sourcing quality products and directly shipping them to conservative homes all over the US for over thirty years. By crafting a buying process that’s simple, seamless, and swift, our online variety store eases the stress and makes family shopping fun again.

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